An Introduction to CBD Vaping

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While CBD is not the cure-all remedy that many companies claim it is, the non-psychoactive cannabis-based substance has been used effectively in treating chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other conditions, without any of the disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria. While CBD can be ingested in a variety of ways, vaping the cannabis compound is arguably the most efficient and instantaneous way to consume CBD.

Why Vape CBD?

CBD is currently available in a wide variety of formats, ranging from tinctures to powders, and is generally consumed orally. While this method does provide the same effects as vaping the substance, oral consumption often takes more than 30 minutes to fully disperse through the bloodstream and offer any sort of sensation.This may not seem like an exorbitant amount of time, but when faced with chronic pain, anxiety, or other ailments, waiting 30 minutes isn’t always a viable option.

Unlike ingestion, vaping CBD avoids the first-pass effect and allows almost four times as much CBD to enter a user’s circulation. The instantaneous effect of vaping CBD is definitely a major selling point of this method, but vaping also allows users to remain relatively discrete and provides a compact solution for CBD consumption.

Know Your Equipment

While there are plenty of vapes that work with CBD, at their core they consist of four basic components: a battery, an atomizer or heating unit, a tank to hold the material, and a

mouthpiece. These components generally encompass all vapes, but there are really only two distinct styles of vapes to consider when vaping CBD.

First is the pen-style vape used exclusively for concentrates. Consisting of a chamber with a metal heating coil, this style of vape holds and vaporizes CBD isolate placed directly on the coils. This style is the more portable of the two and produces less vapor, making it uite discreet.

The second style of vape more closely resembles e-cigarettes in both form and function. Comprised of a mod or battery, tank, and heating element, these types of vapes generally produce greater amounts of vapor. This tank style of vape also requires a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings and CBD.

Tank style vapes can often be found in two variations: disposable and refillable. Disposable tanks, also known as cartomizers, come prefilled and are disposable once the liquid has run out. On the other hand, refillable tanks (which will be immediately recognizable to any nicotine vapers) can be topped off when empty, and can have their coils changed once they’ve burned out.

Potential Risks of Vaping CBD

Before considering vaping CBD, it is important to understand the potential risks involved, whether they stem from the device being used or the vapor being consumed. Both these risks can easily be avoided by purchasing and using high-quality products, as low-end offerings can introduce harmful particulates into the vapor. While this is really only a concern with coils and heating elements from non-reputable brands, it is still important to understand some of the potential health risks to vaping CBD.

Much like traditional e-cigarettes and nicotine vapes, the majority of CBD vapes utilize coils or heating elements made from titanium, stainless steel, Kanthal, or nickel. While these materials are not unsafe for smokers switching to vaping, lower-grade offerings can sometimes oxidize a layer of metal nanoparticles that can contaminate vapor and travel into the user’s lungs. This should not be a concern with higher-grade materials, so be sure to do your research and find the best options available.


Ultimately, the decision to vape CBD lies in your specific reasons for consuming the substance. As a solution for anxiety and pain relief, vaping allows for the fastest introduction of CBD into your system, while also maintaining a higher potency, when compared to other methods of consumption. Using CBD in a vape also lends itself to a more discreet form of consumption that can be easily hidden or stowed away in a pocket or small bag.

While 180 Smoke does not carry any specific CBD vapes, some of their vape kits, tanks, and mods can be used to vaporize CBD products. When using these options, keep in mind that you will need to combine the CBD with e-liquid.  



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