Cannabis Vaporiser: Buying Guide & Considerations


Smoking cannabis has been proven to be harmful, due to the production of carbon monoxide, tar and other unhealthy byproducts of combustion.

A cannabis vaporiser or Oil and Shatter Pen in Canada is a great idea for anyone who consumes cannabis in any format, especially on a regular basis. The vaporiser heats up the cannabis in a controlled manner and produces far less bad by-products, and mostly just vapour full of cannabinoids.

Here is a short summary of key questions to consider before deciding which vaporizer to purchase:

1. What form of cannabis do you consume?

Considerations include dry herb cannabis, concentrate shatter, oil, or other formats. It is best to buy a vaporiser that is meant primarily for the consumption of the format of cannabis that you typically use. There are many vaporisers in the marketplace that can do all, but that is not typically best idea for a long-term use.

2. Cost and ease of refills: do you want to refill it yourself or want an easy cartridge-based solution?

Considerations include the availability of prefilled cartridges in your region. Also, consider the cost of prefilled cartridge vs refiling the matter yourself. How often do you plan to use the device?

3. Convenience 

Do you just plan to use the device for one to two puffs a day, or do you use it regularly throughout the day? Battery life and recharge time are also important considerations; Alternatively, most cartridge based vape pens do not have an on/off switch and only use power when you are vaping, reducing the frequency of recharging.

4. Experience

Considerations include the type of heating technology (convection vs. conduction), which dictates the amount and quality of vapour. Most vaporisers also add an unavoidable taste and smell that will factor into your experience. In general, loose leaf vapes provide a stronger taste than concentrates. The smell of flower or concentrate after use varies by the type and construction of the vaporiser.

Hope this helps!! You can find lots of vaporiser options here.


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