Vaper with Maple Leaf

Government of Canada Says Vaping Is a “Less Harmful Option Than Smoking”

After years of persistent advocacy, vapers’ voices have finally been heard by the Government of Canada who now recognizes vaping and e cigarettes as...
Woman with Juul vaporizer

Children of the Pod: A Worrying Trend

Why is it that, through the evolution of the vaping industry with a diverse range of customization options, we see time and again that...

Canadian Vaping Industry Fights for Fair Regulation (HESA – 2018)

In this video, originally posted by, vaping industry representatives Marc Kealey (CVA), Boris Giller (CVA, 180 Smoke Vape Store), and Sherwin Edwards (Vapselect...

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Canada/US border

Cross-border Vape Trade: How Do We Standardize the North American Vape Industry?

The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement—now tentatively known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement—and tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum have cast...
Vzone Preco Tank

Review: Vzone Preco Non-replaceable Mesh Coil Tank

The Preco tank is a non-replaceable coil (a.k.a. disposable) atomizer from Vzone, bringing the simplicity of pod systems to sub-ohm vaping. With a 24mm...
Cannabis extract vaporizers

The Benefits of Herbal Vaping for Anxiety and Depression

Approximately one in five people in North America are estimated to be living with some form of mental health illness every year. While the...