Government of Canada Says Vaping Is a “Less Harmful Option Than Smoking”

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After years of persistent advocacy, vapers’ voices have finally been heard by the Government of Canada who now recognizes vaping and e cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to smoking.

In the May 23, 2018 publication addressing The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA), it is clearly stated that “Adults can now legally get vaping products with nicotine as a less harmful option than smoking.”

Many vapers have expressed their astonishment in regards to this development on platforms like Reddit, and the topic seems to be quickly increasing in popularity.

The page continues on to outline an unambiguous and fair definition of vaping products, and while it does list the possible risks associated with vaping, it plainly articulates that vaping is a less harmful option for current smokers. Surprisingly, they also promote vaping as a quit-smoking aid for those who are unable to quit on their own or with traditional nicotine replacement therapies.

The document acknowledges that more research is needed in concern to certain areas of vaping (like second-hand vapour), but notes that the risks of these uncertainties are expected to be much lower in comparison to smoking.

So it seems that Canada is taking a step forward in its acceptance of vaping as a legitimate harm reduction tool for smokers, following in the footsteps of the United Kingdom who have openly promoted vaping to tobacco smokers for years.

Although regulations for individual provinces are still in the hands of the respective provincial governments, the future looks bright for vapers across Canada.


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