REVIEW: Hawk Sauce E-liquid by Mt Baker Vapor

Hawk Sauce E-liquid

Hawk Sauce is one of those unique vape liquid flavours that most people can’t quite put their finger on. Some say it’s an on-the-nose representation of Sour Patch Kids, while others lean towards a Sour Cherry Blaster. Officially, the producer of the original flavour, Mt Baker Vapor, states that it’s a mix of blackberry, raspberry, mint and sour gummy candies. Either way, it’s candy-like and it’s great. Just reading the description of this flavour might turn you off after hearing that there’s a strange mix between sour and menthol based flavours. From what I’ve experienced, the levels of both balance out to be a respectable blend that emulates something indescribably enjoyable. These days, you can find these flavours easily in the Toronto area.

Mt Baker Vapor came to be popular right around the Big Bang of the vaping industry, and proceeded to mysteriously slither out of the limelight. This disappearance is most likely attributed to a lot of Mom ‘n’ Pop shops substituting it for lower priced juices with their own in-house blends. Furthermore, as more and more companies come out with new juice, it’s not uncommon to see some brands explode with popularity for months and then subsequently fade into the darkness that is obsoleteness. Nonetheless, Hawk Sauce is a flavour that can’t bear to be forgotten.

Who’s it right for?

With so many complex notes involved, I’d say this juice has something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re not a fan of menthol, you might still get a kick out of the sweetness. You may even be able to find a menthol-free version for that matter. I’d definitely say the overall complex profile of the flavour makes it excellent as an all-day vape.

Is it mixable?

Probably not. With Hawk Sauce having it’s hand in so many different jars of flavours, I couldn’t imagine much else that could possibly top off this flavour. Other flavours I’ve reviewed have had space to put in at least something else in, but this crazy grand master of a juice is just too sacred on its own.

Overall Rating

VG/PG Ratio: Available in 30/70, 50/50, 70/30, and Max VG

All-Day Vape?: For sure!

Throat hit: 1/10 (harshness with or without nicotine)

Menthol: 2/10 (dominance in flavour)

Flavour: 8/10

Overall rating: 7/10


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