REVIEW: asMODus Minikin 2 180W Touchscreen Mod

asMODus Minikin 2 Mod
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The Minikin 2 by asMODus is a great mod that’s been treating me quite well. I’ve been using it for about two months now, and I’m quite satisfied with its performance.

Right out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice is that the device itself feels really nice in the hand—the weight and shape are almost perfect in my opinion—and you can definitely feel that premium construction quality that I’ve come to expect from asMODus. Once the batteries are installed and you factor in the added weight, the sturdiness increases. It almost feels like holding a rock; there’s no rattling from the batteries, buttons, or internal parts.

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asMODus Minikin 2 blue
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There are two different finishes that the mod is offered: a rubberized grip exterior and a glossy, polished version. The finish on my rubberized has been holding up really well without and chipping or visible damage, even though I have (admittedly) dropped it a few times. The polished version may be slightly more prone to scratches and fingerprints, so this may be a deal-breaking factor for you.

In order to adjust wattage, temperature, and other settings, the Minikin 2 uses a small touchscreen as opposed to buttons. This makes for a slightly more uniform look to the main body of the mod, but it can be a bit problematic if any damage to the screen is incurred or if the touch screen becomes less responsive over time.

The fire button itself is nice; it’s a nice balance between soft and clicky, not too far to either extreme.

asMODus Minikin 2 Screen
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When you take the mod out of the box, you’ll need to swipe down to unlock the screen and change the settings. I definitely had a bit of trouble getting it to register on the first swipe, probably my main con for this mod. However, since updating to the most recent firmware, a feature was added to replace the swipe with 3 taps, that I find this much more responsive and consistent.

As far as software goes, it’s very straightforward, and it performs really well. I’m at around 18,000 puffs off of this mod, and I haven’t had any issues using it.

Battery life has been good. It uses two 18650 batteries, and it’s been lasting me close to a whole day on one charge, running it at 100 watts. While I do carry a spare set of batteries during the day, I find I don’t even need to swap them out.

In terms of price, I personally think it’s well worth it. It’s slightly more expensive than your average dual 18650 mod, but not quite to the level of a DNA device. I feel that the manufacture quality, reliability, and sturdiness of the device all justify the cost.

asMODus Minikin 2 colours
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  •   Great manufacturing quality
  •   Ergonomic shape
  •   Good battery life
  •   Rear battery door
  •   Simple, clean interface
  •   Upgradable firmware


  •   Touchscreen can be finicky
  •   Generally on the pricier side
  •   Puff counter won’t go above 4 digits

Overall, I’d say I’m really happy with this mod. It’s a nice-looking device, and it certainly has the performance to match. This is absolutely something that I would recommend to friends if they’re looking to upgrade their mod and go for something that’s a bit higher quality. I think asMODus really knocked it out of the park with the Minikin 2. Here’s hoping we see a Minikin 3 one day!



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