REVIEW: Drag Nano by VooPoo


Created and crafted with the consumer’s best interest in mind, the Drag Nano pod system combines contemporary modern design with a new version of the ingenious Gene Chip that’s meant perform perfectly with the new pods. Unlike other pod-based systems, which were content with pushing the status quo, the Drag Nano by VooPoo truly aims to innovate the market, placing the bar higher for competitors to match.

Externals and Design

At its core, the Drag Nano does share a lot in common with its bigger brother, in terms of overall shape and design. This isn’t a knock towards the device, as the ergonomic shape of the Drag works perfectly with the Drag Nano. The entire device fits in the palm of your hand and is cleverly cut to feel quite comfortable when being held. The buttonless chassis keeps any accidental or awkward button presses at bay, while also giving the device a sleek and polished look.

In terms of build quality, the Drag Nano boasts an impressive zinc alloy construction, lending the device a sense of portability and durability. The resin panel from the original Drag returns with the Nano, albeit in a much smaller size, but still feels just as good as it did on the larger device. Opposite the resin panel is an engraved Drag logo, which feels high quality and adds an understated level of branding to the mod.

Ultimately, the external design of the Drag Nano showcases the overall portability and ease of use of the device. It is slim enough to conveniently slide into a pocket, while robust enough to survive a small drop on the ground. The device itself measures in at 54.5 * 35 * 11mm and weighs a mere 55g.

The Drag Nano is currently available in seven different colours, with each having their own unique and stylish resin panel pattern.  

Internals and the Gene Chip

While the external properties of the Drag Nano are enough to make the device impressive, the internal offerings are truly what makes it unique. Looking first at the battery, the small size of the device may lead some to question its capability, but the Nano manages to pack in an impressive 750mAh internal lithium cell that can charge in under an hour via the micro USB port on the bottom of the device. In terms of actual vape time, the Drag Nano should be good for at least 350 puffs before the battery fully dies. A convenient light on the device indicates the battery power remaining on the mod, and will cycle through green, blue, and red depending on the remaining charge on the cell.

Alongside the 750mAh battery is the new Gene Pod Chip, which is truly the main appeal of this device. For those familiar with the original Drag, you’ll remember the incredible quality of the Gene Chip and you’ll quickly love this scaled down and redesigned version of it.

The draw activated chip features a new intelligent cold boot mode which delivers a consistent amount of power with each hit. This means your first hit from the Drag Nano will be just as good as your last, ensuring a consistent amount of flavour and vapour production. It’s hard to exactly quantify or relay just how big a difference this chip makes on the device, but trust us when we say it’ll deeply impact the way vapers look at pod systems.


The Drag Nano is currently supported by a 1ml pod that can be easily press fit into the device. The pods do come with a fixed airflow intake that allows for a loose MTL style of vape, as well as a bottom fill port to refill with your favourite e-juice.

The pods are powered by a removable 1.8ohm coil head, which can be removed and replaced with a new one. The open nature of the pod makes it considerably more eco-friendly, when compared to disposable pod systems, while also giving vapers a greater sense of customizability over their vaping experience.     


It should come as no surprise, but this device is definitely something we’d recommend to any vaper. In a lot of ways the Drag Nano showcases just how amazing pod systems can be, while also setting a new bar for all its competitors. The device itself is quite easy to use and the Gene Pod Chip delivers one of the most satisfying vapes we’ve ever had from a pod system.

The pods are also nothing to scoff at, sure they may be somewhat limited in their e-juice capacity, but their robust design and open nature make them the perfect companion to the device. All in al, the Drag Nano is really something you should be keeping your eyes on, and could just be your next daily driver.  


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