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The E.T-X2 ETALIENS made by AIMIDI VAPES is one of the most unique devices I have ever seen. Having an affinity for browsing through page after page of devices and picking the craziest one, I couldn’t take my eyes off of this one. I had to do a double take and make sure the website I found it on wasn’t hacked by H.R. Giger himself. This device is essentially a clone of its respectful ancestor, the Deviate by Madvapes. A key difference is found in the finer details, a shaving off of exterior parts, a cut on excessive height, and much more reasonably-sized display. It should be noted as well that the Madvapes variant had a couple screws near the bottom showing that AIMIDI seemed to have covered up nicely.

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If you’re to pick up this device, the first thing you’ll notice is its immense weight for a single battery mod. This might seem positive; however, after a little while you’ll realize that dropping this one comes with greater consequences. Within hours of possessing it, a friend of mine let it slip and the device stopped working. This might make the device seem cheap and silly to purchase but in reality it was a simple adjustment of the battery’s connecting metal loop that caused and subsequently fixed the issue. In other words the device’s solid metal structure will help it to keep in good shape but upon sharp impact of the ground, if there is a battery inside, the weight of said battery will bend the connector slightly out of place which is ridiculously easy to fix.

Moving on to the more important and more practical side of things, you will find that this device has a few variants regarding colour and battery compatibility. Personally, I envy people who have the 26650 battery X-3 edition, as the screen is larger and seems to fit more comfortably on the device, coupled with obviously expanded battery life. My initial purchase of the X-2 variant was influenced by my lack of need for wattage, given the X-2 pushes 80 watts and the X-3 does 100. I regret nothing, of course, as either device would (and one currently) does satisfy my vaping needs.

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The second you place the battery inside, the device will turn on, and if you’re not planning on using it should be locked via the traditional five-click system. A few funny things might become apparent quickly when purchasing this device. If you click three times, you will be given the “New Atomizer?” options, and then given the choice between different temperature-wire settings. It’s compatible with titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and of course kanthal wire, so you should find yourself at ease. However, though this feature is nice, I do wish AIMIDI mechanisms utilized the SMOK method of clicking both adjustment buttons simultaneously to lock. I find myself unintentionally entering the aforementioned menu frequently. I should also mention that the firing button is a tiny bit loose, and rattles ever so slightly, but this can be easily fixed by putting on the silicone case, which keeps everything together and has a smoother feel.

E.T X-2 ETALIENS Mod 510 connection
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The unique look of the E.T-X2 ETALIENS by AIMIDI VAPES will surely have people’s heads turning when you enter your local vape shop, and with good reason. It is ideal for collectors and intermediate vapers looking for something new. A beginner vaper or somebody looking for a highly customizable vape mod might not want to go for this device because of complications in both respects. As briefly mentioned earlier, the space for tanks is smaller than most—a similar issue to the AL85 by SMOK, Pico models by Eleaf, and Swag by Vaporesso. This is no cause for concern if your tank is under 25mm in diameter, however, and if you use a dripper, this problem is avoided by purchasing a smaller diameter RDA. In summary, the E.T-X2 device is completely functional and unique, which isn’t always a good thing, but still maintains a wealth of aesthetic and practicality.


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