Good day, eh!  Welcome to a Canadian review of a Canadian-designed device, the KRMA by Mission XV.

It looks like we’ve got another dripper review for you today, and another squonk-designed dripper at that. The KRMA by Mission XV, based in Toronto, is another 22mm single-coil atomizer with top-side and build deck that’s reminiscent of the Oumier Wasp Nano’s.


Let’s first talk about the airflow. It’s similar to the B2K’s angled airflow, but it’s a little bit better of a design. However, the KRMA is noticeably more restrictive, which makes sense considering the millimeter difference between the two models’ decks. But while the B2K has an angled airflow from the top down to the coil, the KRMA has a stepped airflow, so air comes in through the top and then travels down to the side of the coil. What does this mean? It means the KRMA is much more leak resistant than the B2K, and way way more leak resistant than the Wasp (whose airflow is just a straight shot from the side).


Next, let’s look at the build deck. It shares a lot of commonalities with the Nano in terms of design, such as the full block-style post with airflow moving through it, and the lead capture off to the side. The construction is different, but the design theory is the same. Similar to the B2K, the KRMA also provides a very small coiling jig well for coil fitting, which is an absolutely great quality improvement over the Wasp. Of course, the machining is stunning on the KRMA, as would be expected in an RDA of this price range. And the juice well is plentiful—certainly larger than the B2K’s, and even a little bit larger than the Wasp’s.


In terms of other features of the KRMA, it looks like Mission XV has taken another cue from BB Vapes by including a spot for the BF pin plug on the RDA itself, rather than keeping it in the parts bag like so many other devices do. Using an extremely small grub screw, you can plug the BF pin, so you’ll never have to remove the pin unless you want to break down and clean the device, peek insulator and all. Two caps are included: a black Delrin cap, and a stainless steel cap (mine are media blasted). I haven’t really used the stainless cap, simply because I love the Delrin cap. Heat dissipation is big for me, so the Delrin not transfering that heat to my lips is nice, and is one of the main reasons I enjoy high-end atomizers as much as I do. Two 510 drip tips are also included—one Ultem, and one black Delrin—so there is some customizability out of the box, which is always welcome. One final quality improvement is the slightly angled posts that indicate where to cut your leads after they’re installed, allowing you to cut them flush and not worry about the remainder of the leads causing a short or scratching against the top cap. It’s a very nice touch.


“So how’s the flavor, Hosehead?” The flavor is great! Like most atomizers in this price range, your build will dictate what kind of flavour you’re going to get, though. You really can’t expect to use a flavor chasing atomizer with a cheap throwaway coil and expect miracles. So paired with a simple SS316L fused clapton from SaddlehorseBlues, I was able to achieve great flavor out of the KRMA, but I almost expect it at this point. If the flavour was off or muted, I would definitely have more to say about it.


Overall, the KRMA a very good squonking atty. KRMA RSA coilThe juice well lends itself to healthy squonks, and the stepped top airflow makes the RSA much less likely to leak. It looks good, and comes with a few goodies as well. Is it the best? No. In my opinion, I still prefer the B2K over the KRMA because of its wider airflow, barrel stops, postless deck, 810 drip tip compatibility, and extra caps/tips you get out of the box. That’s not to say the KRMA won’t be in my rotation, though. As a 22mm, it’s very sexy—even more so with a black/Ultem mod—and being so leak resistant, it’ll be a workhorse RSA for me when I’m out and about. So it really comes down to what’s important for you: if 22mm is what you’re limited to based on your mod choice, then it’s most definitely a fantastic choice, and would be my choice every time. If you value an RSA that’s hard to make leak, it’s also a stellar option, since the flavour from it is still incredible.



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