Good day, eh!  Welcome to a Canadian review of a Canadian-American collaborated design, the STLTH by STLTH Vape.

The STLTH is a closed-system pod unit. If you’re unfamiliar with what kind of vape that is, here’s a quick overview: it’s a non-refillable, portable, covert device designed to feel as similar to a cigarette as possible. STLTH is one of the newest models on the market, and here are my thoughts on it.

STLTH Vape package and pods.

Overall, I like it. It’s not fancy, but it looks really nice and sleek. And it’s sold at the right price point. At $20 per unit, I’m not really all that worried about it getting lost, or getting damaged when it’s in my pocket. The pre-filled pods are extremely convenient to change out, and are reasonably priced for a closed pod system. And the biggest pro? The juice that comes in the pods doesn’t suck. Even at 35mg, the nic salt juice STLTH uses is actually decent. It provides the satisfying hit you would expect from high nic juice, but without the burning in your throat you get with regular freebase nicotine.

I was able to try two out of the three available flavours: Crisp Apple and Tundra Berry. While I consider the Crisp Apple only passable, the Tundra Berry was very well done. Now, I’m not really a juice reviewer, but I was pleasantly surprised with the very slight menthol hit Tundra Berry gave, so it’s definitely my winner of the two. STLTH Vapes also offers a tobacco blend pod for those who aren’t into the fruity stuff.

STLTH Vape with packaging.

My experience with the STLTH landed me at about the same results as advertised; I got about a day and a half off of use off of one charge, and two days per pod, which is definitely acceptable for a closed system in my point of view.

Now for the biggest con for most people: the pods are non-refillable. That means you are limited to the flavours and nicotine strengths STLTH offers, and at their price point. However, this isn’t really a device meant for established vapers. This device was produced as a means for current smokers to dip their feet into the vape pool without investing too much. And it does this admirably, in my opinion. Of course, I would’ve liked to see refillable pods, but that’s really starting to ask too much of the very small coil in the system at that point. Even if you could refill the pod, I would be surprised if you got more than two refills out of it before the coil/wick were done for.

But just because this device wasn’t designed with regular vapers in mind doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for it in some regular vapers’ collections. Personally, I think it’s the perfect covert pub vape. If you lose it, it’s really not a big deal because you could easily just pick up another for $20. It doesn’t attract a lot of attention from people, but it satisfies those cravings that a normal vape setup just can’t for some of us, especially if our triggers include alcohol. This goes for any setting where you’d find smoking trigger—say, a poker game or a party. The STLTH can be a great low-key go-to in those situations.

STLTH Vape device.

The only problem I’ve really found with the STLTH is that the pods can leak a small amount of liquid when the battery gets low. The device definitely has a problem maintaining the vapor output, which appears to be protected, but not regulated or temperature controlled. This is almost to be expected considering the small footprint and low cost of the device. However, it would have been nice if the performance was consistent throughout the battery cycle. The pods also seemed to leak a small amount of juice inside its individual packaging—I don’t know if it was from when they were packaged, or if the juice actually leaked out of the pod itself, but either way it’s not good. The last thing anyone wants is to have too much contact between their skin and high nicotine juice.

But apart from those relatively minor issues, the STLTH is a winner of a closed system in my books. It feels great in the hand, is super low-key, stylish, easy to use, and very affordable. I would definitely like to see some of my favorite juice manufacturers look at a future collaboration with STLTH vape to bring out more flavours in the pods. But in the meantime, the ones they produce now are more than satisfying.




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