Review: Vzone Preco Non-replaceable Mesh Coil Tank

Vzone Preco Tank
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The Preco tank is a non-replaceable coil (a.k.a. disposable) atomizer from Vzone, bringing the simplicity of pod systems to sub-ohm vaping. With a 24mm diameter and a 0.15W mesh coil that can fire up to a hefty 70W, the Preco performs like any other sub-ohm tank, but with an ultra-convenient, no-maintenance twist.

Surprisingly, the tank itself is made entirely of plastic, but you wouldn’t know it from the way it performs. The Preco is super durable, heat resistant, and shatterproof in comparison to typical pyrex glass tanks. A nice addition to the tank is the top fill port with a rubber stopper that makes filling it really easy. When you first take the tank out of the box, you’ll notice its wide airflow slots. It actually took me a few days to realize that the body of the tank could rotate, adjusting the airflow. I was very honestly floored by this.

Preco Tank Top and Coil
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So, enough of the specs—I bet you’re wondering how it actually vapes. Honestly, I can’t even express how pleasantly surprised I was by this tank. It produces a decent amount of vapour, even at 50W, and the flavour from the Preco is just as good (or even better) as leading reusable sub-ohm tanks like the SMOK Baby Beast.  I’ve been using the Preco on my Vaporesso Tarot Nano mod for going on four weeks now, and not once have I experienced any spitting, flooding, or dry hits. At almost a month of use, the flavour is still on par with replaceable factory coils after about one to two weeks of use. The only design aspect I could think to criticize is that the drip tip is built in and non-replaceable. That said, the drip tip is made from the same heat-resistant plastic as the body of the tank, and doesn’t seem to collect too much condensation. However, if you prefer a more restricted drip tip, you’ll be out of luck.

The Preco tank is available in clear or ash (translucent grey-black) variations, and comes in a pack of three tanks for about the same retail price as a three-pack of SMOK TFV12 coils. That’s crazy considering that you’re getting three new full tanks in addition to the three built-in coils.

Preco Tank Packaging
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All in all, this tank would be a perfect option for vapers who want fresh flavour without worrying about cleaning and maintaining the tank. When a Preco tank meets its end (which doesn’t happen very quickly), you can just pop a whole new tank on, fill it, and get back to vaping (after letting the coil prime, of course). And what’s more, the Preco serves as a much-needed solution for the vaping industry—new Preco tanks can be used for in-store or trade show sampling so you won’t have to worry about cleaning out used sample tanks every time.

Preco Tank cost vs. Coil Cost
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Based on the quality of the flavour and vapour produced by the Vzone Preco and the fact that maintenance is not required, could disposable tanks like these be the future of sub-ohm vaping? Pod systems gained massive popularity in the vape industry over the past year because of their convenience for beginners, but some new vapers prefer sub-ohm vaping too. Non-replaceable coil tanks like the Preco can be a simplistic solution for people who experience difficulty with fine motor movement, those who vape infrequently, or those who like to swap out flavours often.

As someone who uses a mouth-to-lung vape the majority of the time, the Preco tank gave me the ability to selectively sub-ohm with great flavour output. It’s definitely a tank I would purchase again, and I can’t wait to see how non-replaceable coil tanks impact the vaping industry.

The Vzone Preco tank is now available at Vape Mall and 180 Smoke Vape Store.


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