REVIEW: Thug Juice E-liquid by Mt Baker Vapor

Thug Juice E-liquid
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Thug Juice by Mt Baker Vapor is a classic flavour that has been around for quite some time (read: a few years). That might seem like nothing, but a juice that stands the test of time typically sticks around for more than two years in an industry that rapidly changes every half month. When referred to as classic, by no means do I imply that this flavour has a basic profile. The complex mixture of flavours includes notes of grape, hard candy, sour tartness, and a unique mint that mimics a certain unnamed type of cough syrup. Some may recognize the similarity of this description to the codeine-laced drink known as “Lean”.

I first tried this flavour when I started vaping, and quickly became infatuated with it. The mirroring of the drink was something I became aware of later when a friend pointed out all the subtle hints alluding to it. In the Toronto area, you can find this juice distributed by quite a few beginner-friendly shops. It’s produced by Mt Baker Vapor, a company whose presence is disappointingly low in the current market. Reasonably priced at about $10 per 30mL bottle, it became rapidly successful as opposed to its earlier premium flavour counterparts. More refined vapers even found themselves enjoying this flavour out of the many less complex and uninteresting flavours made by the company. Nowadays, you can commonly find this flavour made in-house by a select few stores, and online by the manufacturer.

Who’s it right for? 

This flavour is not for those who have a strong aversion to menthol-based flavours. The desert-leaning folks who enjoy a good custard or chocolate vape shouldn’t even bother. However, if you prefer a nice fruit cocktail, a sweet candy, a sour lemonade, with a light touch of menthol, then by all means, indulge in this wonderful flavour. I would definitely rate this juice to be a bold all-day vape for mint lovers, as the menthol is not as inviting in the early morning. I shouldn’t hesitate to mention that this flavour can also be found without mint, called “Hug Juice”, a menthol-free version. This opens up the opportunity for some other fruits to be put in the mix. However the original juice works just fine as something to pick up during the night time when out with friends.

Is it mixable?

Thug Juice would definitely mix well with a lemon touch, and perhaps some other sour or more tart fruits. I wouldn’t recommend anything past fruits, however, because there’s no reason in even Satan’s textbook of bad flavours (in my opinion) that anybody should ever mix dessert with menthol. Furthermore, I wouldn’t recommend mixing Thug Juice with overly sweet fruits, as it might dilute the unique flavour blend already present, and make for a dull and underwhelming fruit vape.

Overall Rating

VG/PG Ratio: Available in 30/70, 50/50, 70/30, and Max VG

All-Day Vape?: definitely not for me

Throat Hit: 6/10 (harshness with or without nicotine)

Menthol: 7/10 (dominance in flavour)

Flavour: 9/10

Overall Rating: 8/10


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